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The world's haircare concierge

The world's haircare concierge

Welcome to Salon Affiliation /

  • About Salon Affiliation/

    Salon Affiliation: The Company / The world's #1 beauty industry business & social network. The Business / The philosophy of beauty and technology. is a portal to serve and provide services for the beauty industry and it's entirety via the world wide web as we know it.

    By combining beauty and maximizing smart technology ,the beauty industry's (market) will precisely be able to contact, locate, communicate, consult , and demonstrate services and products with personnel and companies to best serve customers, clients, and business to businesses alike.

    We have the world's largest beauty industry data base expanding continents and languages. When it comes to beauty If you cant find it! Him! Her! Or Them! We'll find it for you.

  • Affiliates
    • Licensed Cosmetologists & Barbers
    • Cosmetology & Barbers Students
    • Beauty industry business owners, suppliers and companies
    • Beauty industry new customers and clients
    • Beauty industry servicemen
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    • Text walk-in
    • 24/7 concierge
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    • Appointment booking system
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    • Quibblez
    • Online Magazine
    • Style Shortz
    • Virtual waiting room
    • Virtual trade show
    • Celebrity Stylists
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  • Salon Affiliation's Events

    Founded in 2003, Salon Affiliation's mission is to create a business and social network portal for the beauty industry to locate, communicate, demostrate, and share its product, services, customer and clients with each other, quickly , easy effectively and efficiently via smart technology.

    • 2015 Launch
    • 2014 Soft Launch
    • 2013 Web-site design complete
    • 2012 Partnered with Gaffis Technologies
    • 2011 Technology has arrived
    • 2010 Thought process complete
    • 2009 Gathering data
    • 2008 Waiting on technology
    • 2007 Watching technology grow
    • 2006 Seeking web-masters
    • 2005 Share Salon Affiliation with co-workers
    • 2004 Technology not ready
    • 2003 Conceived Thought
  • Our Mission
    • AffiliateTo associate oneself with.
    • AssociationA mental connection between ideas.
    • AffinityA likeness implying common origin.
    • AssentTo Express Acceptance to agree.
    • AggrandizeGrinder to make greater.
    • AssertionA positive statement.
    • AgitateTo stir up people to produce change.
    • AssureTo give confidence reassurance.
    • AestheticsThe philosophy of art and beauty.
    • AssertTo insist one's right to be recognized.
    • A-hemTo get someone's attention.
    • A-haTo express triumph.
    • AhTo express delight.
    • AscendTo move upward; RISE.
  • In the News

    The Salon Affiliation is known as the World's beauty industry business and social network. It is now being launched here in Memphis. Here to explain some of the benefits is Angela Brown.

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    Salon Affiliation/
    The philosophy of beauty and technology
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